Görkem Dereli

Visual Artist & Designer

I was born in Nicosia in 1988. Due to my interest in Graphic Design and Illustration during my high school years, I was saturating my interest by experimenting with some amateur tattoo motifs and some advertising images as collage works.

“There is no good design. It is as much as it is transferred to the person.”

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Afterwards, I took the first realistic step of my professional life by enrolling in the “Visual Communication and Design” department of Near East University. After completing my enjoyable education at the Faculty of Communication, I continued the Graphic Design Master’s program at Near East University. Meanwhile, I worked in large agencies such as Media King, Volt Reklam, Innovia Digital and NRG Creative, which made good contributions to my career, with titles such as Graphic Designer, Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director. I am currently actively working as Art Director and Team Leader at NRG Creative Agency.


I added to my brand portfolio through freelance and agencies; I have accomplished enjoyable work in my career by taking part in social media management and graphic design work for large companies such as Turkcell, Lord’s Palace Hotel, Toyota, Lassa, Avon and Koopbank. 


Having had the chance to be the idea generator of many popular advertising campaigns of brands, I have created projects on many impressive promotional advertisements and corporate campaigns within local advertising campaigns. Other works I have done that are included in the freelance work system of the agency in increasing times; We came together with successful people such as Emre Osmanlar, Aytunç Bentürk and Abdullah Öztoprak in their business fields and carried out many projects.


I have also prepared posters and all graphic materials for the events I attended and countless festivals and events outside of these, depending on my areas of being a Producer and DJ, which are related to the music world. Some of these are Virgin Island Festival and Les Music Festival.


Thanks to some big names and companies that had the opportunity to work for some major international campaigns and projects, I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience from alternative working people.


The most important of these was being able to do the graphic design work of the promotional campaign with Bruce Willis, the advertising face of Sobieski Vodka company. Afterwards, it was a pleasure to be able to present the billboard work prepared for the European company Nike’s LunarGlide series.


I have undertaken many enjoyable works on HÜNKAR Rakı, one of the local companies, and the artwork called “OCEAN’S HÜNKAR”, which I prepared specifically for the Hünkar Diamond series, was accepted by the company and was preferred as the advertising campaign visual.


I have also added many official and non-official works to my portfolio in the field of film and TV series poster design, in which I have never ceased to be interested. Currently, work has started on the posters of some important movies and TV series that have recently been prepared and will be broadcast.

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